Personal reflection

Personal Reflection – Cheong Woon Ping

This project is quick difficult for me because I just learn flash, but at last I also done the clip and my own parts of the project. I very enjoy when I am doing a clip with flash. I saw many flash clips before and didn’t know how to make it. Now I know how they make a video clip and I also can make it now. Our group interaction is good, we attend all meeting and do our best for the project. If anything we don’t know, we will help each other. The problem we faced by us is some part we all member don’t know how to do it. We will ask another group for help and teach us how to solve it. If the performance mark in this project and this group is 10 marks, I will rate 7 marks for my performance. If the class is in the lab we can use the software which are installed in the computer, but after class I didn’t have any changes to use it to do my work until we get the trial software from my classmate. I prefer this type of learning for all my other courses, because I like to learn from using a computer. It is very important to collaborate with others, then u can gather some idea or comment from others to improve our works.


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