Personal reflection

Personal reflection – Chu Guan Wee

This project is a start before going to be an expert in graphic design field. In fact, I am an animated cartoon lover. I have been watching tons of episodes of anime. I love Naruto, OnePiece, FairyTale and other anime. When I first touched to this project, I always remind myself to do it carefully and I want the result to be flawless. So, I feel nervous and also excited about doing this project. The interaction between us is good, we can free our time out to do the project together because we have an exactly same timetable. We didn’t know how to operate the editing tools. We keep on watching videos over and over to learn how the tools work. I would give a 70% of rating to my performance in this project and group. If we made comparison between this learning environment and my other classroom learning environment, two words will be brought out. Computer and book. We touch computer here and we look at the books in other classroom. I prefer to use computer as we are studying graphic design. Memorizing the words in the book is not a helpful way to improve our editing skills. It was very important to collaborate with others. We stick together, we make our step together, we learn together. And we celebrate a victory together!

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