Personal reflection

Personal reflection – Lee Wee Peng

I feel different when doing this project. Just different, you know, I’ve been through all the design process and this work is obviously different with my other work. I used to read, understand or even memorize the theories in textbook for facing exams purposely. And now, I feel fresh to this project. I treated this project as my new challenge, yet I enjoyed it. We had to think a creative idea and use it by implementing the graphic editing skills into our project. Interaction of our group wasn’t very good since we were first time being formed in a team. We get to know each other and we communicate well now. We faced many problems. We didn’t do our proposal completely and we were given a chance to fix it. We took action and our proposal was good to be shown. I would rate me myself 6 out of 10 marks. This learning environment is good and the facilities are pretty fine for our studies purpose but I would like to complaint the temperature surrounding. It’s too cold. Yes, I prefer this type of learning but only the temperature of classroom is being reduced. As we know, unity is strength. No matter how strong a person is, he still can’t win a team.

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