In the first time, my teammates and I discussed the ideas what we are going to do for filling up our goals.  We separated our work and i chose campaign poster design(web banner, event bunting and  bookmark).

For the web banner, My first task was, i created the background based on focusing viewers psychology.   As most of the peoples in world tend to see the natural and colourful scenario, we selected the background like a greeny field and above there a blue sky is situated. First i took the tree from other image. Then i paste it there. Then i change the color, saturation, hue and all. Actually  This whole scenario stands for calmness and peacefulness of viewers mind.


Then i put the logo, address and date there. I used text effects for creating dates and address. Then i imported a eye picture. By magic tool i selected some portion of the picture and put that to our web banner.  later  I filtered the picture using artistic > film grain.  After that i used eye brush tool which i downloaded from internet.



I create my web banner tab by using custom shape tool and blended the tab by dropping shadow and inner glow. And later i decreased the opacity of it. And i downloaded the fonts from internet.



Then  i included star brush and leaf brush which i downloaded from internet for making it more eye catchy. Finally, i imported a cartoon picture and created eye, nose, tie & briefcase for it. I wanted to represent him as a doctor showing the direction of “chose proper eye wear”. And my web banner size is 19*15 cm.



Now for the event bunting, first i put a picture in my photoshop and i edited the image by cropping, cutting and changing hue, saturation and color of the picture. Then i draw some marks in the face of the image to make it more colorful and attractive.



After that i wrote up all the texts of our address  and our logo there by using blending effect.  Our title of the campaign can be readable from 6 metre away.  Atleast 48 point text. The body text can be readable from 2 metres away- atleast 24 metres away.


Then i used color brushes at the end of the picture to make it more attractive and beautiful.



Then i finally end up with putting every information there


As the idea of event bunting we planned together with our groupmates. So this event bunting is the reflection of our whole group. And the size of the whole event bunting will be 2*5 feet.

So this is just my part of this project. We tried to do our best for attracting viewers so that they come to visit our campaign and discuss about their problems with our specialists.

Personal reflection about this project:


How do you feel about doing this project?

As Im the first year student. I felt this project is quite tough and need to spend lots of time there. But our time limitation were short. So we had to rush for everything for completing the whole task. But i learned a lot about photoshop and flash

How was your interaction with group?

Mostly we discussed in facebook messanger and mobile phone. Sometimes we held meeting to discuss our project. All of our group members are helpful.

What were the problems faced by the group and how did your group solve them?

We faced the problem in working with flash. As the time was limited and we had to rush for finishing the whole project, we made a  lots of mistakes there. But somehow we are able to solve this problems by discussing with each other. But we didn’t solve all the problems yet

How would you rate your performance in this project and in this group?
I would rate myself a 8 out of 10.

What are the differences of this learning environment compared to your other classroom learning environment?

As this environment is quite new for me, so i faced difficulties in the first place. But later i come to realize that this is going to help me in future when i will go to work

Would you prefer this type of learning for all your other courses?

Of course I would

How important was it to collaborate with others? Why?

Actually it is important because after collaborating with each other , we know a lots of new things by building up a strong team. So instead of being alone to do the task, its better to work in group like this. And by working with each other, we  know better about our group mates.






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