Tips and tricks in designing new logo and tagline


Nowadays, logo designs are everywhere. An effective logo and tagline derive an informative meaning or message produce by the company. For the general public, logo and tagline act as an instant reminder of a particular product or company. Whereas for the client, they use logo and tagline as the point of recognition on their branding(,2009). As a designers they represent the challenge of convert client’s idea into a single graphic.

when we designing a logo and tagline, there are some principles need to follow:

  • The logo and tagline must be simple.

A simple and unique logo and tagline can easily recognize by the public.

  • The logo and tagline must be memorable.

For designing an effective logo and tagline, the design should be memorable and simple.

  • An effective logo and tagline must be enduring.

The logo and tagline should be “future proof”, that means the logo should be effective in 10 or 60+ year.

  • A logo and tagline must be versatile.

An effective logo and tagline should able to work across a variety of applications.

  • A logo  and tagline must be appropriate.

An effective logo and tagline should be appropriate for its intended purpose based on how you position the logo.



These are the logo and tagline design process:

  • Design concept and brief

Conduct an interview with the client in order to get the design concept and brief.

  • Research

Conduct a deep research about the company industry, history and competitors.

  • References

Conduct a research about the logo and tagline design that had been successfully developed with the current trend. The logo must be related to the design brief of the company.

  • Sketching and conceptualizing

Develop the logo based on the design brief and also the research.

  • Reflection

Take some breaks throughout the design and development process. This will helps our ideas to be more mature and in order to renews our enthusiasm and allows us to receive feedback.

  • Presentation

Present the designed logos to the client and get the feedback from them until they are satisfied with the logo design.


2.1     Amazon

It is simple and also carries the message which is the logo has an orange color arrow pointing from “a” to “z”. This signifies that they sell everything from “a” to “z”. Besides that, they add the “.com” behind, so that we know this is the website. Plus the arrow also forms a smiling face, meaning the shopping at can be fun (, 2014).

2.2     Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Logo

The Baskin Robbins logo are designed with the pink color numeric “31” in between the 2 character which is “B” “R”. Character “B” and “R” stand for Baskin Robbins and the 31 is stand for 31 flavors of ice-cream. They use blue and pink color for the logo and the background is white color. Pink color is the main color for the Baskin Robbins (, 2014).

2.3     Superman 




Superman logo is the best example to explain that the principles of designing a logo. This is because the design of the logo is simple, memorable, and timeless. The logo is featuring with the big red letter “S” that surround with the yellow color shield. They use the first letter “S” symbol not only represents ‘Superman’, but it also symbolizes “Saving Lives”, and “Stopping Crime”. It use 2 color to represent which is yellow and red. Yellow color stand for Earth’s yellow sun and red color stand for the red sun of Krypton which is superman’s planet (, 2014).

2.4     Audi

Audi Logo

The Audi logo comprises of four overlapping rings which appear strikingly sharp with a polished chrome finish. The symbol represent the power and protection, and the merger of Audi with three other automakers. The Audi logo features exemplifies style as well as simplicity (, 2014).

2.5     Swatch

Swatch Logo

The Swatch logo make up of the Swatch word mark and the Swiss flag cross which signifies the country of origin of the watchmaker. The Swatch logo features three colors which is black, red and white. All these colors depict such qualities as dominance, supremacy, excellence and elegance. (, 2014)

2.6     Zara

Zara Logo

The Zara logo consists of a very simple yet elegant and powerful word mark. On the contrary of black and white color, the Zara logo has also been often criticized for being overly simple, generic and mundane. The black color in the Zara logo symbolizes the style, elegance, supremacy and brilliance of the high quality product. (, 2014)


I feel that some of the logo design is contain a message that the company want to deliver to the general public. When we want to design an effective logo and tagline, we must follow the principles which are simple, memorable, timeless, appropriate and versatile. So I plan to use the positive space and negative space to design my logo. Besides that, I will 3 color in designing the logo which is black, white and green. The green color will be the first thing to attract people. Other than that, the tagline will be simple, memorable, and straight to the point.


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An effective logo design most often is the one that can let the general public can easily recognize and know about the company. If someone can recognize that, it means this logo is fulfilled with the principles which is simple, and memorable. If someone can easily draw out the logo, that means the logo are designed successful. The successfully designed logo is timeless, appropriate and very unique for the general public.

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