Group Assignment 2

Introduction of the design artwork


First is the logo, we use this character dum dum as our logo and it became our logo is because it is very cute and it meet the characteristic of eye care campaign a character with big eye. This campaign we targeted kids and teenagers to come so we design the character more cartoon and cute so it will attract the attention of the kids and teenagers.

The tagline after we keep on trying and thinking, we found out our best tagline is healthy eyes, colorful life as our tagline.


10672398_807872932608340_8314127966115780808_n 10813753_816973805031586_718015746_o 10811753_816974008364899_352557013_n 10811518_816973865031580_338615000_n


Second, is the web banner, poster and bookmarks. At the web banner we have the tagline of our design and we have put the title and the venue time and date for people to know the time of this campaign, and the poster the reason we use green color is because It is good for eyes and in the poster we also have the basic information and the objective of our eye campaign. Last is the bookmarks, the bookmarks we try to design to be special and unique because we want people to keep our bookmarks and behind the bookmarks have some word of how to protect your eyes and we think a special bookmarks not only can let the audience appreciate it and they won’t throw it.


bundle1 bundle2 bundle3

Third is the advertisement bundle for the event, we have 3 kind of design. The first design is t-shirt we use our logo and put it on the t-shirt, and it also have the Nike logo remain. All of the advertisement bundle we think is our sponsorship so we use their current design to implement our logo and come out a new design for our advertisement bundle, the second is the contact lenses box and it also have our tagline on top of it and have our design. Lastly is the cup of Starbucks we use the Starbucks cup and put the logo inside to make it.


The last one is the clip

We design 4 story for the clip, we all the same character our logo dum dum to represent the story that mainly about the main objective that the eye campaign. We design in this way is because we think this type of animation can attract kids attention and it is also very easy for the kids to understand the content or story that we want to bring to the audience so we make it at the easy simple way and it understandable and cute.





Description of content planning and characters/objects design

The content planning and the characters design, since we have 4 part (logo and tagline, web banner, poster and bookmarks, advertisement bundle and animation clips) so we decide to separate all people to focus on one things and the logo and tagline must come out first so we can easily come out advertisement bundle and the poster web banner and bookmarks and we also help each other at separate part if our member have problem in designing of creating the design we all will help each other. After we finish all our part then we combine it together to make this report.


Description of the design and making process


  1. Logo & tagline (Lim Eu Gene I14004610)

On the logo we make draft on a paper 1st and we discuss together at the 1st place we think that we want to use eyes to form our logo and it is the 1st time we start our logo design, after that we use Photoshop to try design this combination of logo, but the eyes is very hard to draw and it not very suitable for logo so we discuss to get another new logo.

b5a930c07975d0935afbe210363edcde veriapriyatnothewitnesses5logo


After a few meeting and moderation we have a conclusion of what people we are targeting and what we things we need to have in our logo so we start to think sometime attractive and cute to attract people attention.

At last we decide to use a cartoon character to use as our logo and it has a name it call dum dum. It meet our requirement of attracting kids and cute. So we finish our logo part.

cartoon jixiangwu

And for the tagline we want to use base on the eye care campaign slogan the window of the soul but after few meeting and discussion we found out a better tagline for our logo is healthy eye, colorful life. The meaning of the tagline is simple and easy to understand it mean you need to have a healthy eyes so that your life is be full of color.








  1. Web banner, poster and bookmarks(Kong Swee Yik I14004697)


Week12: Poster Design done


Working Progress we designed the poster , and we saw many sample of other’s event poster, we discovered that format of designing of posters are almost the same so I design a poster with the same concept.


First we choose green color as background because it good for eyes.


And then we put the logo on top of the poster.

Then I start to designed the title of the event


And next I listed out the details the information about this event the date time and venue of this event.


Then we also listed the 4 topic of the event and the size of the font is smaller because it is least important then the basic information of the event.


Besides that, I also put a cute image on the right of the poster so that it would not be empty space.


I put sponsors of the event on the bottom of poster.


Week 13: Bookmarks done!!!!



Bookmarks design done by Eugene when we are doing our proposal. I added the some eye-care information at the back of bookmarks. We have 4 bookmarks using 2 two design.
This is designed by Eugene



I added some information about how to protect your eyes.


bookmark1 bookmark3

This is designed by Eugene


I added some information about how to prevent from eye disease.


This is designed by Eugune


I added some information about how to imporve your vision

bookmark2 bookmark4

This is designed by Eugene


I added some information about how to choose a proper eye wear

Web banner done!!!!


I had done my first web banner in week 13. The lecturer suggested that i should edit the poster. Thus, i did a new web banner for the event.

I designed web banner with using many colors in order to match the tagline “Health Eyes, Colorful Life”.

First, I put event title on the top of poster. I used 3 colors for the title. There were 2 primary colors- red and blue. I used purple color for the word ‘Campaign’, purple color is the secondary color by mixing red and blue.


Next, I put the details of the event. The font size of the details information is 36. People will very clear for details.

I designed eyes, rainbow and tagline of the event with rainbow colors. These make the banner are more beautiful.























Chong Kah Wai i14004609


After rui yi and Eugene finished to design the logo and mascot, it is now my turn to combine the product I choose before and combine with the thing they design. The first product I choose was a contact lenses brand called blink. I thought that if some who will going to buy this product will more consider about to attend our eye campaign.




This is one of my design of product, and you can see the logo and the tagline are in the bundle package of the blink brand product, using it to help us promote the campaign.




The second one was the Nike brand T-shirt. We found that many sporting people likes NIKE brand, and NIKE brand will bring a message that is healthy and positive to people, so i feel that it is great if using NIKE to help us promote this event. We bundle our mascot into the shirt of NIKE.



Of course this is not a shirt that sell in our campaign, this is only the person who can buy it in NIKE shop, NIKE just help us to promote during our campaign season.


The last one was the Starbucks mugs, many teenager will like to buy the mug of Starbucks brands, it is because Starbucks is one of the famous brand in world, and same with NIKE, during the campaign season, Starbuck will add our mascot on the mug so that those people who buying this product can know us and our campaign.




Name: Yap Jing Siang

ID: I14004696


Before my group members, Eugene and ruiyi done the logo design and mascot, I start to think of four idea for the animation clip. Our campaign have four different topics, which are how to protect your eyes, how to prevent from eye disease and so on, each idea of the clip will represent one of the topic.

After my group members, Eugene and swee yik had done the logo design and mascot, I can start to think how to implant those character into the clip. The making of the clip is not easy, it will cost us lots of time to do the clip.

During the making of the animation clip, we tend to have a lot of communication among group members to perform some special features and tools

Lastly, we were able to create those animation clip which match with the idea I create early.



Personal reflection / lesson learned


Lim Eu Gene I14004610


Actually this project is a bit hard and sometime you will out of the topic, in class we just learn how to use the software but our drawing skill is not very good so it is quite tough for us to come out a super duper beautiful art work. But I see all or the member from my team done their best they try to make it better and better.


The problem that I am facing is i try a lot of time to install flash it waste me so many time to install it, but after that I solve that problem. Another problem is the internet speed of the place stay is super slow so I can’t watch at hostel and do it at my hostel the video won’t run at all. The other problem is my drawing skill is bad so my group member got help me too, we all help each other so I think my team is very good, we have meeting and collaborate with each other with the progress of this report.


I will rate myself 8/10 because I think I already done my best on this and I have learn many things too, how to communicate how to discuss and how to do an animation clips, I think this class is very useful because the software is powerful and we can make use of it when we are editing picture or at the real life situation.


Last I need to thank my teammate to be so cooperate with me and all do their job in time, so I am grateful that we finish this report.





Kong Swee Yik   I14004697


  • How do you feel about doing this project?

This is my first time to do Adobe Flash and Photoshop project. My drawing skill is not good. I faced some challenges in drawing object. For example, I spent many time to draw the eyes on the poster. Besides that, I also faced some challenges in doing animation clip. I got help from my friends. They gave some constructive suggestions for me to improve my artwork.


  • How was the interaction of the group? Why?

Interaction of the group is good. My friends and I often discussed our project.  We discussed story line of animation clips together when we were doing our proposal.


  • What were the problems faced by the group and how did your group solve them?

I faced more problems than my group mates. Kah Wai lent his laptop to me after he finished his artwork. It is because my laptop cannot be installed Adobe Flash.  I had installed Adobe Flash into my home computer. Thus, I only can do at home.  Kah Wai was very nice. He lent his laptop to me so that I could finish my artwork in hostel.


  • How would you rate your performance in this project and in this group?

I will rate 4 marks for my performance in this group project.  I had finished the design of event poster, web banner and some part of bookmarks. Besides that, I also finished my animation clip.


  • What are the differences of this learning environment compared to your other classroom learning environment?

The differences of this learning environment compared to my other classroom learning environment are I can do more practical in this course. I feel that it will have many advantages for me in the future.


  • Would you prefer this type of learning for all your other courses?

I would not prefer this type of learning for all my other courses.  In my opinion, students can do some practical in some course, but it is not for all courses.


  • Why? How important was it to collaborate with others? Why?

It is very important to collaborate with others.  Each group member can give suggestions for other group members to improve their artwork.



Chong Kah Wai i14004609


I feel that this project is a good chance to let me learn about team-work and problem solving skill, of course I learn to use adobe Photoshop and adobe Flash too. Our group interaction is good and we always discuss about our progress.


The problem was one of the group member has not install adobe flash. It is hard for him to do the animation clip. What I can do is just borrow my computer to him after I done my work.


I will rate myself 8/10 because I feel that if give me more time I can do better, and I am the one who a bit less community with other group member. This environment is busier than other but also more interested between with other.


It was good but I am a lazy person, so it is hard for me to go back hostel and look at the learning video.



Name: Yap Jing Siang

ID: I14004696


First of all, this project is like a huge work. It is because we are going to hold a campaign which include, product choosing, logo design, poster, bundle, animation clip and so on. These all we have to learn from lecture class and tutorial class at lab to try and design ourself. It is not an easy job especially creating the one minute animation clip. It require lots of time, energy, concentration and more. Therefore, it was a big challenge to us to complete this project.


Talking about interaction, our group had less problem in communication and our interactions were quite well because we spend a lot of time together, including having lunch, go to class and more.


The problem we faced are , some of our group member are quite lazy including me,  so the solution is our leader and other members keep remind us to complete our job in time. This solution is quite good and we begin our engine very quickly.


I will give myself a rate of 7/10, I can do better if I had more time to do and modify.


The collaboration in group is very important especially we are going to work in group. The collaboration mostly decide how our result look like, it control the whole spirit of the group members. Therefore, we must learn how to communicate well, tolerate in order to create excellent outcome. Thank you.



Photos of artwork & summary

10672398_807872932608340_8314127966115780808_n bundle3 bundle2 bundle1 10813753_816973805031586_718015746_o 10811753_816974008364899_352557013_n 10811518_816973865031580_338615000_n 10672398_807872932608340_8314127966115780808_n jixiangwu







In conclusion, throughout this entire project, we tend to strengthen our relationship especially when we faced several problems and solved it together. Moreover, we also learned various skills in this group assignment, such as Photoshop, making an animation clip which none of us have this experience before and so on.


Lastly, we are glad to have this group assignment because of those outcome and result produced. Thank you.




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