1. Logo & tagline (Lim Eu Gene I14004610)

On the logo we make draft on a paper 1st and we discuss together at the 1st place we think that we want to use eyes to form our logo and it is the 1st time we start our logo design, after that we use Photoshop to try design this combination of logo, but the eyes is very hard to draw and it not very suitable for logo so we discuss to get another new logo.

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After a few meeting and moderation we have a conclusion of what people we are targeting and what we things we need to have in our logo so we start to think sometime attractive and cute to attract people attention.

At last we decide to use a cartoon character to use as our logo and it has a name it call dum dum. It meet our requirement of attracting kids and cute. So we finish our logo part.


And for the tagline we want to use base on the eye care campaign slogan the window of the soul but after few meeting and discussion we found out a better tagline for our logo is healthy eye, colorful life. The meaning of the tagline is simple and easy to understand it mean you need to have a healthy eyes so that your life is be full of color


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