Personal Reflection

How do you feel about doing this project?
A lot of stuff to get done, and it requires a lot of time to finish the whole process. It was stressful, but I feel like I’ve gained new experience and enjoyed it pretty well.

How was the interaction of the group? Why?
Good enough, because they enjoyed every process, and we always give a supporting feedback to each other.

What were the problems faced by the group and how did your group solve them?
The problem was to manage the time.

How would you rate your performance in this project and in this group?
I’d rate myself a 7 out of 10

What are the differences of this learning environment compared to your other classroom learning environment?
During class time, I only learn about the basic things on how to use the software and also the basic description about the lesson. But to be better at it, I have to learn from other resources with additional learning media. And it’s pretty different compare to my other classroom learning environment.

Would you prefer this type of learning for all your other courses?

Why?How important was it to collaborate with others? Why?

The difference of the class environment are really significant. And by collaborating the way of learning in this class with other classes will help me a lot to understand the materials better in theory and practicum.

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