Progress 3

The third progress was to make an animation out of the sketch and the drawing from photoshop for a minute duration. Before making the animation, a storyboard has to be done so everything will be in order and easier to deal with. I decided to make a simple animation so everyone can understand the message behind it, and to put the logo and character in it. The character will be the narrator that will explain about the Eye Campaign 2014. Below is the picture of the storyboard.



After getting the storyboard done and getting a positive feedback from the teacher and other group members, I started to make animation with Flash. I have overcome the difficulties while doing the animation by reviewing lesson 1-5, and by watching YouTube tutorials.


It took me approximately 3 days to do 33 layers and 1128 frame. On the first day, I made the objects and animation, on how to make those objects came to life. On the second day, I worked on the voice over and trying to correlate it with the moving object that I’ve made on the previous day. The voice and the movement of the objects had to be accurate so it wouldn’t look awkward. Not to forget that I also need to insert a back sound so people won’t get bored watching it because we need to gain the consumer’s attention.
On the third day, I put on the final touch which was to make a play button and a repeat button for the animation. I found it quite difficult to do this part, but I kept trying and finally get it done.



There are 59 items in the library, including symbols and songs that I use for the animation. I used my own voice to dub for Mr. Glasses, the character, and added 2 songs for the back sound.

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