Progress report: How to improve your vision?(G2)

For the animation clip, I planned to use the stick man as my character for the whole video. At the beginning, I draw an eye shaped object where the 1st one is an eye opened then it closes half and the last one is where it’s completely closed. The eye is colored in yellow to attract attention and it shows the contrast for the black background. Then classic tween is used for the object to animate it. It was not easy to make the eyebrows to look perfect but the idea inspired me a lot.




While the eye animation loads, I have the group’s logo appeared from the bottom and the alpha is set to 0 at the beginning so the logo fades in from the bottom. A whistle blowing sound is added at the beginning phase of the animation from the time the eyeball opens and closes and the logo appeared. I have chosen this sound because it attracts attention like someone is blowing a whistle at you and you react by try to give your attention to the place where the sound come from.

A start button is placed on the lower right corner of the stage with a button looks like an eye and it says start underneath the button. Although the button does not look like a button, the word start below the button will attract viewers to go and try clicking the white box and see what will happen. As soon as they bring the cursor over the button, an eye pops out as it opens from being closed. As soon as the user try to click it, the eye turns green (theme color) and the animation starts to roll to the next frame.



The black hole in the button is before clicking and the green button is right after clicking button

After the logo is shown, it’s important to show on what I am working on so I added the title provided to me that’s “How to improve your vision?” and this title comes with some idea of where a lots of question marks flying around and the title will be in the middle. This is because viewers will ask themselves that question and they might come up with some ideas to improve their visions even before they watch the video.




For the entire animation video, I am using black and green theme because I had this idea long ago because people tend to concentrate on green more if we put it with black maybe it’s more attractive and my main objective on this video is that people should learn something out of it. When they come across something in their life regarding how to improve your vision, they must remember my video or the character that I have used throughout the entire video. At the lower left side of the stage, I have added 2 music buttons as you can see in the above picture where one  plays the background music and another one stops the music from playing. For the stop playing button, the audio image is edited with the red line to show the music is stopped.

As for the content, I added 3 main points namely, get an eye chart, get some rest, and do relaxation exercise. For the character, I had 2 choices to make; either I draw a stickman just with line tool and then I make motion tween or I can draw each frame to make the character move or do any action. I chose to draw each frame for my character because the character looks more realistic in sense of having real human movements because the drawings at each frame will be slightly different and this makes the animation looks more realistic. I did not want to add more objects to my character because I was afraid that overdoing my character won’t suit my black background and therefore, I make it simple and nice so that the information is passed to the audience without much fuss.

For the 1st point, I have used three pictures of eye chart at the end of the frames. I just use the motion tween to make the pictures move from top to bottom and bottom to top. For the next point, I have included the ‘ZZZ’ symbols even before the character appeared in the animation. This symbols will make users to expect to wait and see what’s going to happen right after the symbols fade away. For the last point, text will fly to the left side of the stage from the far left. The character was planned to appear from the bottom of the video. He will then close his eyes and an image will appear out of his head as his dream of some good place. The picture below was edited with Photoshop software by adding the background object so it looks like it was imagined by someone. To make the animation for the character to look better, the onion tool is used so that previous frame will be shown in the background so that we can draw the new object based from the previous frame.


Edited version of the relaxing place image


The onion skin tool really helped me a lot to draw my next frame

At the end of the video, all the viewers are invited to the campaign by telling them that we will meet there on the campaign day. The poster appears from the right corner. Poster is shown at the end of the clip to give some information to the viewers about the campaign like place and time and contact numbers.

Total video time: 80.7 seconds.

Total hours spent: 35 hours.


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