Progress 1

My first progress is to make a logo that correlates with the theme of Eye campaign 2014, so I decided to have 3 parts for the logo. There are 2 separate green parts around the eye that looks like yin and yang. It represents peace and simplicity referring to real life. The logo has a tagline attached to it at the top and divide into 3 parts. When it comes to the colors, there are 3 colors in the logo which are green, white, and black. White is for the simple background, green is for the yin yang that can also represents by the upper and the lower eyelids, whereas black is for the pupil of the eye, and also for the tagline of “LOVE YOUR EYES”. We decided to use only 3 colors because we need simple colors that can make consumers remember our logo easily.



After making the rough sketch of the logo and discussing with the other group member, it was time to use the photoshop. It was quite a process to use the photoshop, and I get to do it after reviewing myself with lesson 1-7 again, watching the tutorials on youtube, and by asking a few friends who are good at it. I faced a few difficulties doing this assignment on the photoshop, and one of them when I was trying to make the yin yang. The shaping was the biggest problem because we wanted a shape that looks like an eyelid, but apparently we always ended up with an oval. Not only that, but also the process of making the shape for the tagline also took some quite a time, and after 3 hours of trying all the effects, it’s finally done with the progress as follows:



Finished with the first draft, I gave it to the group member to ask about their opinion, and it turned out that there are things that needs to be changed such as the colors, and the font of the tagline. With the feedback from the others, I changed the things that needs to be changed straight away.



The whole member finally agreed with the new shape of the Yin Yang and the font that I have chosen for the tagline.



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