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Ardy – I13004469

Advertisement clip, I am not good at drawing but I must draw a character so that the part of the character can be moved. To do that, I made some part of the body then I converted it to the symbol. In that symbol, I made many layers based on the part of the character then I made the frames. Some parts of the body layers used shape tween to make the movement. For the shape tween, I need to make a keyframe first then I can the movement. After that I went back to the scene then made the background then I make the character moved again depends on the scene by using motion tween. I also combine the character with the text so people still can know the flow of the animation even though there is no sound. There is one scene that actually I don’t know how to move the object because this movement need kinematics movement but I don’t know how to do that therefore the movement looked strange. Most of the scenes I will do like that. Then I gave some theme sound at the some scenes and I made a button to play the movie at the first scene and replay at the last scene. To make the button select the part become button then converts it as a symbol and chooses the button type. There is a problem that it’s difficult to synchronize the sound with the movement therefore the movement. I did the sound and the button by using action script.


Felix Demas – I13004106

The character itself I used to make like a stick man that is very funny and simple our main target visitors are children so they will like and persuade them to protect their eyes , the character is a college students but childish, that always need to be reminded every time. I put eyeglasses on him cause he is like to experiment in computer, he is actually a genius one so he knew what he is lack of then he creates a robot that always accompany him.

The first step I did is develop the character first that consists of eye, pupil, two hands, two legs, body and head that has every animations in it, the second step I designed the robot that only consists of head, body and two hands also the LED light that can change the color if there is a warning to the main character.

After design the characters, I made the button at the first of the screen that has the played button using action script, also the last part to use replay button, I didn’t use the stop button cause of the animation duration is very short only one minute so replay button more useful. After that I made the three scenes based on story line with differences background. The last things to add only put the song in the animation. My type of animation is an education clip that has short film with short information to give an explanation why we can’t do this and that.





Arianto Agung Prabowo – I14005124

For advertisement clip I make an stickman but still not detailed but I have to draw and make my animation can be moved. I make an easisest stickman that have so many parts so it can be moved. Firstly I make the background of greenfield to do that I made some part the converted to symbol and use shade effect so it make the green field more shiny. I made many layers to make movement more energic and add keyframe to make motion tween and shape tween to the object in the background. After It finished then I focused to my character I am scared that my character become awful so I make it all black. After all parts of body my character done I made it into one subject so it becomes easier. Furthermore I made the characters move again depend scene that I need. I made my character is blurred eyes because him used too much computer and handphone. I used also text to make the readers know about the flow of my animation. After it finished I put some button tools and add sound to make it more realistic and some action script. Overall this assignment is good but the difficulty very high we have to detailed about everything and its hard to find sound that’s can blend with animation and setting all the things.


Rizky Gunawan – I13004467

Steps for my assignment clip:

  • Make a character using pencil tool and separate it into different part of layer
    • For legs and body, I convert the picture to the movie clip so I can added bone tool for its movement
  • For background, I use the line, rectangle and pencil tool to make the background
  • For the button, I make 2 button which one for start and one for replay
  • For sound, I added to the library
  • Not only sound, the other picture also added into library

Combine of character with bone tool with the back sound that added before and background that been edited using classic tween. In the background latter on added some text to describe more about the event happen. For the first, I use play button with added some script to make it play and for the end for the replay button for the replaying the animation latter on. The problem is how to draw the character in different perspective and search for the backsound.

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