Eyes are a very important part of human body. In our daily life we can see so many peoples without eyes or with eye disease which cause them not admire the beauty of this world. A statistics show there are millions who facing problem. So it’s very important for us to conduct a campaign to find a solution for this problem and give light to those eyes which already being dark for decades. So we end up with an idea of conducting an Eye care campaign as a startup and hopefully it will achieve the stars and we can conduct this campaign all over in this world. My team planed many task, such as teach people how to protect their eyes, how to prevent eye diseases, how to choose the proper eye wear and how to improve your vision.




Based on all the task above the user will be asked to refer to a website.  It’s a website which designed to especially for the eye care campaign. In this website there will be a the history of this Eye care campaign, the motive and the founders details. Then,  there will be given few option to clicked on which is




This is the chart which illustrates the pathway of the website.



This is the website layout for our website


CAMPAIGN POSTER DESIGN (in 3 sizes: web banner, event bunting, bookmark)


At the behind of a great poster should be a message or perhaps idea. This should connect to something and reach to everybody. Regularity of details is actually important into a good poster design.Since the stream of information must be clear from the design we’ll work with arrows to point the details involving of how to prevent from eye disease, how to protect our eyes, how to choose a proper eyewear and how to improve your vision. We’ll use the content in a proper arrangement.


-Our title of the campaign can be readable from 6 metres away – at least 48-point text.

-The body text can be readable from 2 metres away – at least 24-point text

-We’ll choose a exact clear font with some of the large inner space (mostly the space inside the loops of letters such as ‘o’, ‘d’, ‘p’). We’ll use the Arial style for this.

-So for making the text more inviting, we will use different sizes of writings and bold facilities for variety. In here, Arial and times new roman are easy on the eye. We will avoid using capital letters for complete words and large blocks of text in italic.


For dealing with colour:

When we chose shades of colors, we should try to think that how all the different elements of my design will work together. Our text for eye care campaign will be in black color. And the rest of the part we’ll use striking colors for attraction.

Selecting the best image:

We are going to choose the appropriate eye care images for the poster. We will use those people’s picture who has been already cured by using our eye product. And we are going to put all of our product pictures in poster.


Draft for bookmark:



Draft for web banner:

22Draft for event bunting:




We would like to design a logo represent the Eye Care Campaign and a tagline for it. This is because a logo is the first image of the organization and the tagline shows the greatness of an organization. So would like to design a logo which is elegant, simple and smart. As we can surely say that logo and tagline which we going to design will be timeless. After a long discussions and try my team finally came out with few logo. The draft has shows below.



Advertisement bundle

In this case, our group would like to include elaboration about Eye Care Campaign to create advertisement bundle and it would be capable of delivering value to commercial companies which use them to advertise their product. So, we aim to advertise on label of bottle of mineral water that is in small size and big size. Second product is newspaper that to advertise that Eye Care Campaign would be on the bottom in different newspapers. The next product is sunglasses case. Because anyone who come to sunglasses shop, Eye Care Campaign provides special cases that will be illustrated to them. One of the good points of these advertisement bundles, people can use mobile phone to scan QR bar code which is navigate particular Eye Care Campaign websites.  The bundle refers to a package of advertisement that will be specially designed to help a current companies achieve its marketing promotions objectives.




There are few aspects why people will and should watch this eye care advertising clip.




How to choose a proper eye wear






How to protect your eyes





How to prevent from eye disease









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