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Graphics is combination of ideas and visuals. At the early age people used to draw their ideas on the wall such as animals, insects or humans picture to keep record a incident or event on the particular day. By the time flows now it become a professional and those kind of professional named graphic designer.



In the current world graphic design plays a main role of prediction, such as predicting the future world and predicting the outcome of a project. Ex: Construction project.




Logo is a unique symbol which is designed to identify a organisation or company. A logo can be effective for decades, just if the design is appropriate for the current situation. Example: Rob Janoff designer of apple logo change the official logo of apple according to the technology development.



Every logo will be included with a short tag line which normally will be as long as 3-5 words. The reason why every logo has its own tagline is because it will indirectly present the what is the organisation or company all about. By not choosing the right tagline the presenter have a major chances of making the audience confuse.












From the existing samples which given I took few samples to explain about logo.




This is Volkswagen’s logo. If you concentrate on the logo you can see a letter ‘V’ and ‘W’. That ‘V’ represent for Volks and ‘W’ represents the Wagen. They use blue colour for the logo because blue is official colour of Volkswagen’s logo since 1967. There is a gap between the ‘V’ and ‘W’ it’s to separate the alphabets.




WWF stands for World Wide Fund For Nature. The designer used a wild life animals picture to indirectly show that the particular organisation refers to wild life and nature. The (C) symbol represent Copyrights and (R) symbol represent Registered trademark. Designer never use much colour in this logo just black and white only because they use panda as a picture and panda has only two colour which is black and white. The logo has changed according to the development of current world.




This is official Lamborghini logo. In this logo a bull has been used because bull is the zodiac sign of the founder, Mr.Ferruccio Lamborghini and because of his passion in bull fighting. In this logo the designer mainly use Black and Gold colour because black create a dim expression and gold create a striking expression when both combine it manage to attract the viewers eyes and designer state the name ‘Lamborghini’ on top of the logo. The tagline used for Lamborghini is ‘The World’s Biggest Secret’. The logo design of Lamborghini never been change since the beginning.



This is a very famous fast food ‘KFC’ s  logo. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. In this logo the designer used a very striking colour to attract the views which is red, white and black. Designer used the founder of KFC, Mr. Colonel Sanders picture as a main picture in this logo but in a cartoon version. If you concentrate on the logo there is a red box behind the founders picture  it is actually designed as KFC bucket.


-History of KFC logo and the designer’s name


From my research on the topic logo and tagline, I have some ideas how to create a logo for the group assignment. Basically, when it comes to logo it have to be simple, elegant, attractive and appropriate to their aim. So since our aim is to create a logo for eye campaign I would like to make it simple, by using very simple colours such as black and white, meanwhile the picture I plan to use a man’s face. At the same time the title and tagline i will put beside the picture to make sure it will look like a logo. The reason why I’m using black and white is because those are the colours which give a elegant look if used in the right way. The reason why I’m using peoples face as a picture is because it’s a eye campaign so I must concentrate more towards the peoples face and eye. In addition to attract more people I would like to use a different colour such as red, yellow or green a little bit to attract more people to view it. So these are the ideas which I would like to use to design a logo.






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Logo is very important for a organisation or company. A good logo can bring a good reputation for a organisation or company and it can be easily recognize by the public if it reached him. A good logo should be simple, elegant and meaningful. In addition a logo should be timeless because a organisation or company should be using that for almost 20-30 years, so by the technology and environment development the logo have to be creative enough to stand front of it. A logo will reach its aim when it reach the aim of the client, to be more clear the logo have to represent the product or what is that organisation all about.  Lastly, a logo have to be versatile before a designer start to design a logo he must be aware of the budget given, normally logo will be only in black and white because more adding colour more expensive it will be. So by using all this methods a designer can come out with a prefect logo design.


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